That’s it: The Arches to close forever

Their license has been restricted to 12pm

The iconic Glasgow Arches are sadly set to close their doors for good after police fears over drug abuse.

The gritty Glaswegian institution which previously held infamous club night ShangriLa, is an age old venue to which people from all over the country flocked to experience the unique atmosphere.

A meeting of Glasgow’s licensing board concluded the night club area of the venue will definitely shut as they revoked the 3am license and restricted it to 12pm.

No more clubnights for the Arches

The venue initially came under investigation after 26 people were reported to the police for incidents related to drugs and alcohol all in the space of one night.

Police Scotland originally looked to close the full venue but the licensing board found the police attempt “unlawful”, so the venue will continue to act as a bar and restaurant.

Many will agree it’s a sad day for Glasgow with the future of the Arches looking anything but rosy.