Uni mourns beloved Adam Smith cat

We’re gutted

Who said dogs were man’s best friend?

Students at Glasgow Uni are currently in a state of mourning over the death of the beloved Adam Smith cat, called Miller, who died at the grand old age of 18.

Tributes have been pouring in since uni announced its death on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



According to STV, since the original post yesterday evening, the status has had over 340 shares, 1700 likes. It reached over 100,000 people, all who shared their love for their feline friend.

He was so loved that students are even calling for a building to be named after him in the new campus development, or a new statue in his honour.

This has gained support from former student president, James Harrison. He said to STV ”I think the university should name one of the new buildings on the Western Infirmary site after him. The ‘Miller Building’ has a good ring to it!”

Miller could brighten any day

Miller could brighten any day

Xinyang Yu, a student at the university, said to STV: “We loved Miller. He was our mascot and he attended the Macroeconomic courses provided by our business school.

“We believed we would be blessed and would pass all of our assignments or examinations if we met him. Therefore, people always told others that it was a fortune to come across Miller on the concern of the campus.

“The story was told year by year, from seniors to freshers. Even prospective students took meeting Miller into account as one of the primary reasons to come to the University of Glasgow.”


Facebook fan pages have been dedicated to the cat since 2010, proving just how loved Miller was, by students and teachers alike.

A hashtag #RIPmillerthecat is allowing mourners to view photos and dedications to Miller.

students have been posting their memories of miller since the news broke.

students have been posting their memories of miller since the news broke.