‘Glimmers’ are TikTok’s most soothing new trend – here are all of Exeter’s

Forget triggers, it’s all about glimmers now

URGENT ALERT: There’s a new TikTok trend that I need to put you on. It revolves around creators on the app celebrating the wholesome moments in their lives – the ‘glimmers’ – instead of the triggers! Neat, right? Last week, San-Francisco-based creator, Anne Blake, went viral for posting a video to Lana Del Rey’s Radio, sharing her recent discovery of glimmers with the world.

As uni students, our bodies are reduced to a vessel exclusively comprised of caffeine, stress and sleep deprivation. So, if this sounds familiar, here is a list of 25 Exeter ‘glimmers’ to encourage you to take that breath you’ve been holding all through exam season and RELAX:

A definitive list of Exeter ‘glimmers’:

  1. Seeing that your favourite seat in the library is free on a busy day
  2. When you go to watch the sunset from East Park Hill and it ends up being a great sunset
  3. Running into the freezing cold sea at Exmouth
  4. Coming downstairs with a bag of washing to find the machine is actually free for once, just when you need it!
  5. Hearing someone who can actually play the piano practicing in the Forum
  6. When the campus cat comes over to you for a cuddle
  7. Your favourite song coming on in TP
  8. Walking into town and getting green lights every time you arrive at the crossing
  9. Finding something AMAZING in the charity shops when you were only “popping in just in case”
  10. Your first glimpse of Spitchwick after trekking through the Dartmoor forest from the carpark
  11. Eating a meal deal on the Cathedral Green with your friends like it’s first year again
  12. Sunbathing in the garden or park with your flatmates
  13.  Getting a picture by the University of Exeter rock on campus when you graduate
  14. Drinks at the Impy in the sunshine
  15. Turning the corner to TP and there’s no queue
  16. The morning debrief where the whole house somehow manages to fit into one bed
  17. Walking back from campus after a productive day in golden hour
  18. Deep cleaning your room and finding things you thought you’d lost/would never see again
  19. When someone compliments your outfit (probably that top you got off Vinted)
  20. BeReal going off when you’re actually doing something fun
  21. Answering a question in a lecture theatre and getting it right in front of everyone
  22. Reading the Overheard page the day after any big event and watching the chaos unfold
  23. Collecting society stash after waiting forever for it
  24. Having someone post about you on The Tab Exeter library crushes story
  25. Coming back to Exe after time away and realising that you actually did miss it, at least a little bit.

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