Every iconic Christmas film matched with an Exeter Uni halls

Queue everyone scrolling to see if they got Love Actually

Call us cupid, but we do enjoy a good match: everything from finding out which Olivia Rodrigo song matches your halls, to what accommodation you should be in based on your coffee order, we’re quite the matchmakers. Christmas time however calls for festivities, and with matches to rival Holly and Ivy, we’ve paired up all our fave Christmas films with our beloved Exeter halls.

Home Alone – Birks

Home Alone: think chaos, think random people intruding, think destruction – all these things come to mind when we think of Birks, and not just because of the WW2 bomb detonation. Set in a familiar, yet seemingly far away place (i.e Cardiac Hill), characterised by people who seems like children but it turns out are actually pretty smart.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) – Old Laf

Iconic doesn’t even begin to cover it: yes, it’s not to some people’s taste, being scared away by it’s appearance and general unkempt nature, it’s still a classic which is beloved by most. It may not be quite as slick or modern as other things out there, but we love it all the same.

Deck the Halls – Penny C

Ah yes, the Christmas film centred around competition and constantly trying to outdo one another… sound familiar?

Miracle on 34th Street – Rowe

If you’re someone muttering “huh?” right about now, having a quick google as to which film this is – you’re probably not alone. Forgettable and a little irrelevant though it may be, it’s still a classic.

Arthur Christmas – Holland

With more audacity than Matt Hancock, this Christmas film really believes that it’s a true classic, when in fact, it’s mid-tier at least, just like Holland – you’re just average mate. Ultimately, it’s the one that screams Daddy issues.

The Holiday – Duryard

Ever trekked to Duryard? Probably just the once. It’s true, by the time you’ve hiked for miles, constantly checking maps and nearby signs to work out where you are, and whether this is in fact the right place, it feels like you’re in a new, unfamiliar environment all together – much like a Holiday. On a whim travelling for miles? Sounds about right.

The Princess Switch – East Park

New, flashy, definitely got the budget, it has all the appeal and allure of big names (Vanessa Hudgens) and all the gear (blackboards in the kitchens). It seems the Princess Switch can’t stop growing, just like East Park. Although it makes a good fight to be included in the classic canon, it doesn’t come close to the OGs.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – St. David’s

Far away, in the outback that is St David’s, a trek to get anywhere, usually at least one weird housemate, and some very questionable interiors – a nightmare from start to finish, yet strangely iconic in its own chaos.

The Grinch (2018) – New Laf

It’s never going to be quite the same as Old Laf that’s for sure – quite daring to try and re-do such a classic, and yet… Memorable, a crowd pleaser, and much easier on the eye and the old one, it’s undoubtedly an upgrade.

Elf – Mardon

Cute, homely, ultimate vibes despite the fact it’s becoming a little outdated – twin rooms, need I say more? Despite this, it still makes a comeback, much like Will Ferrel in this year’s ASDA Christmas advert.

Love Actually – Lopes

The ultimate classic – one of the oldest Halls in Exeter was the only match for this timeless classic. With connections everywhere (no seriously, there are so many buildings in Exeter named after Mr. Lopes), history, and scenery for days, it’s loved and respected by generations. Some people may claim they don’t like it, but everyone knows they’re lying – don’t worry, they’re just trying to be different. Everything since has just been a poor attempt to replicate it.

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