Can’t get a seat in Forum Library? Here are the best alternative study spots in Exeter

It is (yet to be) scientifically proven that a cool study spot makes your degree better


If you haven’t spent an excruciating 20 minutes roaming around Forum Library desperately trying to find a seat, I don’t think you’re a true student – especially if you did that confident walk up to a seat you thought was free, only to find a modest jacket on the seat, and have to swerve backwards and try again. Besides, Forum Library is always thrumming with a beat of panic from people who decided that a little bit more sleep was more important than their 8:30s and sacrificed their reading for a night at TP. So, whether you can’t find a seat, or are frankly depressed by the sight of productive people, we’ve got you covered with some vibey study locations:

The Sanctuary

If you need incentive to work, the Sanctuary is superb for remembering the trauma from your January exams and harnessing it to incentivise your work because who wants to be sat completely clueless in this study space turned torture chamber ever again? The ideal workspace for those that thrive in a high-pressure environment.

The Loft

For some reason it feels like the university’s best kept secret. Located upstairs in DH1 it’s full of cool and comfy chairs to sit and work, as well as a silent study space which is ideal for watching Netflix and doing the occasional reading. It is quiet and relatively free from distraction except for the fact it’s dangerously close to the Ram for that post-study pint.

Business School Café

More lively and close to some delicious coffee and food supplied by the people of the La Touche café. It makes for a great place to meet up for group work or if you just enjoy being around more people while you work.

Amory silent room

The ultimate serious study space: perfect for manic deadline days. The noise monitor in the room goes red if people are being too loud makes for a good study space if you thrive off everyone else around you are looking busy and productive: the law library could never.

Grow Café

The cutest coffee shop found at the bottom of South Street, the one near George’s Meeting House for anyone else that uses spoons to map Exeter – or maybe that’s just me? Great food, comfy chairs and the perfect place to work if you want a change of scenery from places on campus. The only downside is it’s quite small so a study session there requires a relatively early start – this could make you more productive though *fingers crossed*.

Glorious Art House

A small independent coffee house with a cosy and vintage interior. The staff are absolutely lovely, and the shop supports local artists so on study breaks it is lovely to explore the different art displayed all crafted by local artists. The only snag is the WIFI isn’t particularly strong, but I guess that just means more time to look at the art, read, listen to music – basically, legitimately procrastinate.

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