The newest literary journal in town: 14 reasons to read Riptide 14

It was set up by two staff members in 2006


Riptide 14 is an Exeter-based journal publishing high quality short stories “with an undercurrent”, founded by two staff members from the university in 2006. Last month, Riptide published its 14th volume after seven months of collaboration with students on the MA Publishing course. Each volume is themed, with the most recent being “collisions” which authors interpreted in unique and wonderful ways.

Fortunately for you, this guide is here to explain 14 reasons why you should add Riptide 14 to your May reads and even how to get involved with the journal yourself! After reading this, the new question on everyone’s lips is going to be “where can I get Riptide 14?”:

1. Sixteen stunning short stories

Riptide 14 is the fourteenth volume of the established short story literary journal filled with engaging, stimulating stories from skilled writers across the globe.

2. Thought-provoking themes

The theme of the recent edition is “collisions” which authors were invited to interpret as they pleased to create a story that reflects what this means to them. The open brief inspired stories covering car crashes to time travel, and the Aberfan disaster to rugby incidents.

3. The talented team

The journal is filled with expert knowledge and experience as lead editors are the university’s very own Sally Flint and Virginia Baily, who worked closely with Kate Wallis to produce the 14th volume.

4. Student support

Riptide 14 is unique as it was produced in collaboration with students from the MA Publishing course. 22 publishing hopefuls offered fresh ideas which added a new dimension to the project, unseen in previous volumes. The students were involved in the entire publishing process from reading submissions to typesetting the text and from running social media to organising exciting launch parties.

5. South west spotlight

As a brand, the south west is an integral part to the identity of Riptide. It is home to editors and authors alike, even featuring stories set in nearby hot spots.

6. Emerging experts

The journal supports upcoming authors who are yet to reach their full potential in the industry. Riptide is a great platform for those who are still at the beginning of their career. Could you be featured in Riptide 15?

Author L.K. Kraus

7. Well-known writers

However, the journal is not limited to new talent. The 14th volume even includes a section of Nigerian-German author Olumide Popoola’s work. Previous editions include work from established writers wanting the chance to dabble in the short story including Michael Morpurgo, Luke Kennard and Robert Shearman.

8. Exciting events

It would not be a guide to all things Riptide if we did not mention their famous launch parties. With plenty of wine, snacks, live reading, music, and even puppies (!), launch night is not one to miss.

9. Magnificent merchandise 

Thanks to the creativity and talent of the MA students, Riptide now has exclusive tote bags, bookmarks and stickers for you to get your hands on. Head down to the next event or follow @riptidejournal on Instagram for the chance to be their next lucky giveaway winner!

10. Podcast programme 

The introduction of a regular podcast has been a brand-new feature of the Riptide project developed this year by two MA students. Episodes titled ‘Meet the Editors’ and ‘Meet Seaborne Magazine’ can be accessed here. Look out for the third episode coming soon!

11. Blogging bonus

Also new in 2022 is the blog run by MA students and designed to keep readers updated on all things Riptide. Regular uploads will cover editor hacks, launch details and author exclusives. Read the introduction post here.

12. Radiant Reviews

Don’t just take our word for how brilliant Riptide is, our social media friends can vouch for this:

“I cannot wait to read this!” – @9racereads on Instagram

“Cool, local products and great writing” – @Clare.Burgess on TikTok

13. More??

Riptide 14 is only the start of your fun! With other volumes covering a range of themes including Carpe Diem, The Suburbs and Climate Matters, there is something for everyone. A beautiful gift? A vacation read? Intellectual stimulation? Riptide’s got you.

14. Future Fun!

To avoid missing out on any excitement to come, make sure to follow Riptide on Instagram (@riptidejournal) and Twitter (@RiptideJournal) to keep up to date with competitions, future submissions and the online launch event coming later this month.

Riptide 14 and all other volumes can be found here.