It’s official, your Exeter Valentine’s Day is going to turn out one of these six ways

If you’re having Galentine’s you’ll defo just end up at Monday Fever

Roses are being sold in the Forum, chocolates are being carried between accommodations and pink prosecco is in demand. Valentine’s Day is here and there are plenty of ways to spend it. Whether you’ve just had the awkward conversation with your situationship, or have been planning the day for weeks, we believe your day will turn out in one of these six ways.

Alone with a movie

It is 2022 and we all love to romanticise our lives. If that means binge watching the Bridget Jones movies with a bottle of rosé, who can blame you? So enjoy the night in and save yourself for the drama of Cheesy Tuesdays tomorrow.

With this in mind, those of you who have sauntered to the gym and then back to bed, you have been noticed. You can pretend today isn’t happening, but please grab your friends and have a drink at The Vic because denial isn’t pretty.  

Galentine’s night in

Experience has taught you that Valentine’s is nothing to feel insecure about, and what better way to celebrate it than with those you love? The more relaxed of you will pop on a movie (anything with young Meg Ryan in it) or dust off the board games to create a warm and wholesome night. The rest of you are pretending it’s still lockdown, and are probably creating your own TikTok inspired themed cocktail or charcuterie boards as we speak. 

Galentine’s night out

Those of you that are organised will have booked drinks and dinner, making the most of places like The Botanist’s Valentine’s deals. When you are a couple of boujee drinks in, the deep chats will come out, providing almost enough entertainment for the evening. The night will supply plenty of gorgeous photos until someone goes one cocktail too far and manages to convince everyone to make a stop at Monday Fever. This will ultimately see one of you back with your ex, but what else are nights out for?

Dinner with your friends with benefits

You meet when you’re drunk and you meet when you’re bored, but Valentine’s Day is not the day for it! Yes, you are both available, and you should leave it that way. Nevertheless, you’ll firm through a Tesco’s three course dinner, watch half a movie, and feel gutted the next morning. At least you didn’t do it alone…

Romantic dinner with a Tinder date

Not quite as tragic as settling for your booty call, but still awkward enough. Provided you’ve swiped correctly, it could be an entertaining night with a few free drinks, a stop at Mega Kebab and some company for the rest of the evening… A bad choice however, and it will probably just be an unsettling distraction, leaving you jealous of the wine you left at home. 

A night with your significant other

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You may think we’re jealous of you, and maybe we are. You’ll enjoy the romantic evening the two of you have planned and feel slightly relieved you’re not desperately trying to find an edgy way to spend it alone. Those of you who are newly coupled up have hopefully overcome the awkwardness of setting a maximum spend on presents for each other.  You will bite the bullet and make a reservation at The Ivy, because where else would you make it Instagram official? Those in a long term relationship, I hope your pockets are feeling ok. Dinner will be a relaxed occasion to exchange those meaningful gifts, before some (very spenny) cocktails at Artigiano’s. That all being said, you do look very cute together.