We rated the carpets in Exeter’s Wetherspoons, and here’s our verdict

‘I’m sorry, but is this a train seat or a carpet?’

Wetherspoons may not be known for class, but every single pub has it's own unique carpet, and they're pretty cool.

Various people have tried to collect them, and there's even an Instagram and a blog dedicated to them. So what better way to appreciate each Spoons' individual character than having a good long look at their carpets?

We went to each of Exeter's finest drinking establishments and rated their carpets based on colour, pattern, and condition. We even asked fellow pub-goers how they would describe the carpets in one word.

Here's what we had to say:

The Chevalier

"Unloved, disgusting, pukey"

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Colour: Wow. Where to begin? The intention was possibly a muted and autumnal vibe, but the effect is an unpleasant mix of browns. Is brown really a colour you want on the floor?

Pattern: It's almost painful to look at. There are so many elements: geometric shapes, spirals, florals, need I go on? There's just too much going on, it looks bedraggled and messy. An unhappy accident.

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Condition: Lots of trodden in gum, lots of worn out parts, and a lot of fading and fraying. Various blobs of mayonnaise and other pieces of what we can only hope is food smeared across the floor. Honestly, frightening.


George's Meeting House

"Modern and wavy"

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Colour: Good use of primary colours. Not particularly inventive, but not too garish either.

Pattern: Um, I'm sorry, but is this a train seat or a carpet? Try harder next time please.

Condition: Various faded and frayed parts, and some dark patches on the staircase, which we hope are just the remnants of spilt drinks. But nonetheless, relatively clean overall.


The Imperial – Main

"Exquisite and regal"

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Colour: A carpet of quality! This carpet uses red, teal, and gold to achieve a traditional appearance. Although the colours are not particularly harmonious or pleasing to the eye, they're not ugly or offensive either. In fact, they're almost festive.

Pattern: Traditional floral elements create a hint of regality. The organic leafs make it a little busy and loud, but the golden arcs add continuity and structure. This carpet enriches your drinking experience.

Condition: No fading, no muddy footprints. There are some small worn out patches but the colours remain bright. Some small stains, but overall impressive hygiene and very well maintained.


The Imperial – Accent

"Simple, ordered, dated"

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Colour: Complements the main carpet. Again, not perfect but not ugly either.

Pattern: Simple and continuous. This carpet accents the main carpet well, breaking up its much busier print. The contrast helps it stand out to indicate the walkways through the pub. Not as interesting to look at as the main carpet, but it serves its purpose.

Condition: This carpet is on the landing at the pub's entry and for that reason it is a little more dirty. The rich red ensures it looks bright despite this. A few crumbs and some spilt beer, but nothing too bad.


The Imperial – The Orangery

"Ugly and autumnal"

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Colour: Autumnal and warm, but very loud. These colours do not complement each other at all! Who decided orange, yellow and purple was a good idea?

Pattern: In a word, chaotic. There was an attempt at making it look organic, but it's just messy. One pub-goer said: "it reminds me of the garlic carriage in Shrek."

Condition: Quite faded and worn with some fraying and some dirt by the door. Not too shabby.


The Imperial – Side Room

"Square and frayed"

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Colour: Less interesting than the Impy's first two carpets. Traditional and harmonious use of red and gold, but no attempt at including more exciting colours. Nothing to write home about.

Pattern: The gold snowflakes, and white and red detailing, make it a little festive. But there's no border to add extra definition or a pop of colour. Nonetheless, it's a reliable pattern. You know where you're at with this carpet.

Condition: Very faded and worn, lots of fraying at the edges and some splits between panels. Various large dark patches and some stains. Its lack of cleanliness really lets it down.


The Sawyer's Arms

"Noble and heavenly"

Colour: A rich indigo background with delicate pastels and pink details to complement it, this carpet is a maverick. In a world of red and brown carpets, this one dares to be blue.

Pattern: This carpet accomplishes an organic and delicate pattern that pleases the eye without looking too busy or chaotic. The variety of flowers and leaves gives us plenty to look at.

Condition: A little aged and worn in places. There is some slight fading and fraying, and some splits between panels. This slightly detracts from what is otherwise a very lovely carpet.


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