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I ranked every Spoons drink by value for alcohol to save you money

This hero’s website shows the drinks with the most alcohol for your buck at EVERY Spoons


Spoons is cheap. This is one of the few common truths which bind British society together. But what is the actual best value drink on the menu?

Luckily, one Oxford student has ranked every single Spoons drink by value for alcohol content.

Everyday hero Jack Weatherilt created a website showing you exactly which drink gives the most alcohol content for your buck.

You just select your local Spoons and the full rankings appear.

The website even automatically updates whenever the deals or menu at your local changes. Tragically, however, it doesn't do pitchers.

As it turns out, Magners and Abbot Ale are unbelievable value. Peach schnapps and vodka monster, on the other hand, are to be avoided by any penny-pinching pissheads.

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Putting his computer science degree to good use, frugal pint enthusiast Jack built the website to rank over 370 drinks at every JD Wetherspoons establishment in the country.

Jack explained why he spent some of his precious time on earth putting this together.

Why did you do it?

Rather than going to Spoons for the atmosphere, me and my friends go to Spoons because it’s one of the few places we can get a bit drunk on our budgets.

It’s always been a bit of a game trying to get good value alcohol and working out what’s the most cost-effective way to get drunk, whether that’s in Tesco or at a pub, so having a way to work it out was the only way to settle it.

Going to the Ice Wharf in Camden before a gig inspired me to make this because of how absurdly expensive it was for a Spoons, so the pres had to be efficient.

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How did you work it all out?

The website essentially gets the drink data from the Spoons app, and then just calculates the alcohol-to-price ratio for each drink (size in ml * alcohol percentage / price) and ranks all the drinks like that.

Since it gets the data from the Spoons app, it’ll only show you what’s in stock too.

I couldn’t include pitchers because there’s no data on their alcohol content – but I have a feeling they’re not as good value as people think they are.

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How did you put the site together?

I put the site together in the vacation over a day or two. I spent way too long trying to get it to look decent, but hopefully it’s usable now! Since I’m doing computer science [and philosophy], I’ve done some programming and website stuff which made it fairly simple to put the site together.

I had to kind of take apart the Spoons app to see how it was getting the drinks data, and then imitate that process with my website to get all the data and calculate the value for each drink.

The technical details

In terms of the actual tech: the site uses a Flask server – written in Python – and the rest is just HTML and CSS. I watched the requests sent by the Spoons app from my phone to their API and then query the API from my website whenever someone requests info for a Spoons.


Visit the site here.

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