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Student hit on the head with a VK bottle during Wednesday TP night

Bleeding cut the night short and chances of pulling to zero

Being home of all the AU legendary socials Wednesday TP is undoubtedly one of the best (if not THE BEST) night outs of the week. Some of us are guilty of having better attendance in Wednesday TP than in lectures. Unfortunately, no matter how fun it is, sports night with all its glory might sometimes get out of control.

And so it did last week, when an unlucky student was hit on the head with a glass VK bottle which was thrown by unknown person across the room.

Due to bleeding they had to cut the night short, forget about pulling in top top and seek immediate medical attention.

Fortunately the injury wasn't too serious and they will be cutting mad shapes on TP dance-floor very soon. The unlucky victim is not pressing any charges even though event like that could even end up with police intervention. It seems like even bitter-sweet relationship with TP requires sacrifice from time to time.

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Nevertheless, as it is an AU social's night, which already receives a negative reputation around the campus AU president issued a note to all of the sport clubs: "I always encourage you to enjoy social occasions, but don't be idiots."

So remember: drink responsibly, don't throw bottles in the air and stay safe walking back home.