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An Exeter student has been missing since Monday night

Rory Cattermole was last seen miles from Exeter on Snap Maps

Exeter University student Rory Cattermole has been missing since a night out on Monday, and his friends are now appealing for anyone to come forward with any information they might have.

Rory, a first year Business with Finance student, went out to the Fever and Boutique night club on Monday night with some course mates, and other than a friend serving him a drink, no-one has had contact with him since 2:40am. The friend noted that he was quite drunk.

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Rory has no known medical issues, but as it passes 48 hours since he was last seen, the police are now involved. He was initially seen on Snap Map by a river in an area of fields outside of Exeter – an officer noted "I don't know why anyone would have reason to go there, let alone a student." He is no longer showing on the Snapchat feature.

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Rory is 6'1" with brown hair, last seen wearing a flannel shirt over a white top, and is 20, turning 21 in June. He is originally from Cambridgeshire.

Rory's friends and the police are increasingly worried, as he has not made any contact or been seen in any of his lectures. Anyone with information is instructed to call 999 quoting log number 904 of 14th February.

A Facebook post was shared by Rory's friends to help find him.

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The police then shared their own post on Facebook encouraging people to come forward with any information.

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If anyone has information about Rory's whereabouts, do not hesitate to contact the police. Call 999 and quote the log number 904 of 14th February.

Devon and Cornwall Police have announced on their Facebook page that a body has been found this afternoon (15th February) in the Longdown area, outside of Exeter. Although formal identification has yet to take place, Rory Cattermole's family have been informed of this development.