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Someone is selling their goat on the Exeter Freshers page

Vincent Van Goat takes Exeter by storm

This afternoon a particularly dashing goat has been put up on sale on the Exeter Freshers page.

Listed as a 'birthday present I don’t really want' Vincent is said to respond to Warren when naughty, for reasons currently unknown. Although no official price has been listed its safe to assume that much like his namesakes work, Vincent is priceless.

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A born star

With over 100 likes on the post Vincent is clearly a hit but its not just on Facebook that hes found stardom. In an instagram story Vincent can be seen keenly awaiting his new owner as a birthday surprise.

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Its clear that Vincent's new owner Matt was not entierly ready for the responsibility of fatherhood, with his immediate reaction being 'What the fuck is this' swiflty followed by 'why the fuck have I got a goat.' Good thing Vincent doesn't speak english. There is speculation as to the current whereabouts of Vincent with some accusing his owner of rejecting the gift.

Despite confusion surrounding the gift, the love for Vincent was instant across social media, with some students even going as far as starting custody disputes over the goat. Who will gain sole custody remains unclear.

Will Vincent remain a free goat, will he return to his previous owner, will anyone step up and give him a home? We cannot know for sure. God speed Vincent we wish you the best.