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5 Exetah Items in 15 Minutes

A 100% scientifically approved study

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Wandering through campus it is difficult to deny that there are a number of staple items which make up the average Exetah student.

So, as a serious journalistic experiment, I sat in the Forum for 15 minute intervals to count how many times I saw 5 of the most cliché items. As an English student my GCSE Maths abilities have never been so stretched. Here are the results:

1. Longchamp/Fjallraven Kanken bags:

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Total Count in 15 minutes? 31 bags in total (That's over 2 per minute)

Owning a Longchamp or Fjallraven Kanken bag has basically become a requirement for any girl studying at Exeter because dropping £60+ on a nylon backpack is fine when it’s an absolute essential.

2. Culottes:

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Total Count: 16 (That's over 1 per minute!!!!)

I don’t know when or why culottes became a thing but so did Saturday Nights at Lemmy so anything can happen.

3. Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirts and fleeces:

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Total Count: 9 (Not quite one a minute but still a very EXETAH amount)

I was surprised that I didn’t see more Tommy Hilfiger attire but Tommy is basically haute couture at Exeter, and whipped out by the lads at special occasions like Timepiece Fridays to impress the ladies.

4. Barbour Jackets

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Total Count: 5

Total Count: 5 (LIES)

An oldie but a goldie, nothing says that you come from the South better, and probably enjoy a spot of clay pigeon shooting, than a Barbour wax jacket darling.

6. Puffer Jackets

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Total Count: 45 (If you don't have a puffer, do you even go to Exeter?)

Leaving best to last, if Exeter had a uniform it would definitely be the puffer jacket – they’re absolutely everywhere and have supplanted Barbour jackets as the must have Southern attire, securing Exeter’s posh-urban style.