How to dress well for less than £10

Isn’t it funny that just as you’re running out of money, you have loads of things to dress up for?


End of term is approaching, and we’re all feeling the pinch of the purse strings a little bit. So how are you going to manage looking fly from day to day while still counting them pennies?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our outfits for under £10.

Edgy af


Slip: £8.99

Go and pick up a cute silky slip from a charity shop and then vamp it up with some chunky boots and an awesome leather jacket. Grunge is so now.

This slip’s from British Heart Foundation, but go to any one for a fun old charity shop brows. You’ll get a lesson in how to completely reinvent one key item.

The tribal day print


Culottes – £3.99, Necklace – £3.00

Thrifting can yield some great prints. For some reason, people don’t want to hold on to those. These incredible tribal print baggy culottes are perfect for a lazy summer’s day.

So striking and so cheap – we even managed to style this look with a solid statement necklace, in earthy browns and golds. Balance out your crazy bottom half with a simple top half.

Remember the accessories


Snakeskin boots: £5.99

Sometimes, when you go second hand, you find an AMAZING accessory that you want to build your whole outfit around, like these boots. Use these to funk up a dull day outfit. Time to leave those black Chelsea boots at home.

Adult points


Shift dress – £8.99

For any job interview scenario, go statement but simple. Charity shops will hook you up with an array of shapes and prints, guaranteed to impress a prospective employer, like this polka dot shift.

A very vintage summer


Dress: £8.99, Hat: £1.00

Feel like covering up over Summer? Big floppy hat and pocketed maxi are eternally in vogue. So dramatic.

Heels or brogues keep this old school but modern.

One piece wonders


Jumpsuit: £4.49, Scarf: £2.99, Cuff: £2.00

Get the most value for your money by finding a stylish one piece or dress. We accessorised this vibrant purple jumpsuit with a gorgeous gold scarf and embellished cuff. A twist on evening wear.

The best of the big


Dress: £4.99

Chances are, charity shop garms will be way too big for you. Belt your outfit and use a light fabric and cool print to make a statement out of the volume. We love the slit on this striking dress.

Like, ridiculously cheap


Skirt: £0.99, Top : £8.00

This insane gold sequinned skirt was 99p. Who knew that was even possible. When you win that hard while thrifting, you can splurge on a little high street with a Topshop crop.

First five looks, courtesy of British Heart Foundation, Exeter. Last three looks, courtesy of Age UK, Exeter.

Thanks to the photographer, Tessa Boyd.