Here are all the Sabb campaign videos you’ll ever need to see

We apologise in advance

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In truth, they’re all terrible, but they’re a staple of Exeter’s SABB elections week. These cringe-inducing and cheesy videos are clogging up our social media, and thus, to make your lives a tiny bit easier (and, being sadists, we enjoy the pain you receive from watching them), you can now find them all here.


Guild President

Maria Finnerty – They keep telling us that space is an issue, but I never knew that it was this much of an issue….

Laura-Jane Tiley – “Love. Join. Talk.”? More like “Blatant. Hipster. Propaganda.”

Petra Jones – Off-key singing and a clear disregard for time signatures undermine this somewhat decent attempt at an election anthem. Just like Styx.

Calum Kumar-Shaw – “Be SHAW your voice is heard” says the video. In that case, let me use my voice to say; “This repetition is giving me an aneurysm”.

AU President

Jack Bristow – A disappointing lack of Tnetennba.

Bronwyn McLean – Just watching all of this sport is making me tired…

Josie Vickers – Beware if you have a fear of spacehoppers. 

Charlie Whitworth – what was he was smurfing when he came up with the ideas behind this video?

VP Activities

John Chilvers – What do you mean that he’s helping people!? COMMUNISM! COMMUNISM EVERYWHERE!

Sam Johnson – The tragic tale of a man being stalked by orange t-shirt-wearing females.

Katie O’Connor – Brighter than a J.J. Abrams film. So bright in fact that it burnt my retinas.

Nik Rahmel – More singing, this time featuring a man who killed and skinned a bear. How many pencils can I shove into my ear to stop the music this time around?

Kwasi Yeboah – I don’t care how adorable the John Lewis adverts are, please stop remaking them.

VP Education

Charlie Evans – A politically motivated all-singing, all-dancing Willy Wonka. My worst nightmare has just been realised…

George Flower – The last time we had “Flower Power” we ended up with Richard Nixon…

Bethan Jones – Ah yes, because Bees are such stalwarts of independent thought, with a queen who is not at all totalitarian.

Shumi Kadir – We know what they want, but why do we want it from you?

Joe Levy – Joe, take note and fire your video editor.

VP Welfare & Diversity

Naomi Armstrong – I believe that the binary number you’re looking for is 0100111001100001011011110110110101101001001000000100000101110010011011010111001101110100011100100110111101101110011001110000110100001010.

Josh Creek – Because getting rid of hills is as simple as making a vlog…

Henry Hancock – Word of advice Henry, backwards-facing baseball caps haven’t been cool since the ‘90s. They ended over 15 years ago.