No mean feet: ‘Hero’ dad does shoe at housewarming

He can beat up your dad and all


Henry Justice no doubt has a new found respect for his dad Phil – after watching him drink from a shoe during a housewarming.

After a boozy session at the rugby, Phil found himself abiding by his son’s house drinking rules.

Little did he know that one such rule would see him finishing his beer from a football boot.

The father and son duo headed to Exeter in Freshers’ Week to move Henry into his second year house.

The two then headed to the rugby and had a few pints.

They arrived back to find a house party in full swing.

Mr Justice, 54 decided to stay and join in before heading back home to Mansfield.

Tom O’Driscoll, Henry’s housemate, said: ” Unfortunately Phil, not knowing some drinking rules, split his drink meaning he had to drink from a shoe.

“Phil Justice is now my hero.”

Reports that Mr Justice did not “EG” remain unconfirmed.