Spotted is no more

Latest Facebook sensation is predictably condemned and shut down. It was fun while it lasted.

Today was a sad day for students stuck toiling in the Library.

Exeter’s controversial ‘Spotted’ page has been forced to close down by senior University management who claim it harassed students and damaged career prospects.

The group posted the following message this afternoon: “Dear students of exeter, unfortunately, due to popular demand the page has to be shut down. i hope you all enjoyed the short, but sweet, time we had together. thank you for your support during this difficult time. love and best wishes, xoxo spotted.”

The news was greeted with cries of “Noooo” and comments such as “What a bummer”.

The page, which has amassed over 3,500 likes since forming in December 2012, posted a steady stream of updates, commenting on students in and around the Library.

“To the girl in the pink hoody in the forum… do you want my D in your V after the exams at the Lemmy?” Practically poetry.

“To the magical-looking girl who just sat down with the Slytherin coffee mug, how would you like my basilisk to explore your chamber of secrets?” So tempting.

“to Spotted: Exeter Uni Library – haven’t met any girl at Exeter with chat as good as you. Let me wife you for life.” We think we know who this is.

The answer is, sadly, yes

One particularly cheeky post showed a student exposing his family jewels in a game of ‘Sneaky Nuts’.

Nearly 75% of you voted “No” when we asked if Spotted was taking it too far, but an email quoted by Exeposé showed the University was concerned that “most people would find the idea of having their appearance, dress sense or sexual availability commented upon and shared amongst thousands of other people deeply unwelcome.”

Uni management-types were also against students commenting on the page. They said: “employers now scan social networking sites and will take a view on people’s professionalism based on what they read there.”

However, other Spotted pages still exist. There’s Spotted in the Forum and Spotted on Vic Street. How long will they last?