Edinburgh University students Clubbers of the Week: Don’t worry I feel fine in Week Nine

Drink to forget that there’s only two weeks left of the semester x

Stunner of the Week


Just ignore the slightly unsettling syncronised tilt to the right and then you’ve got one of the prettiest groups of friends I’ve seen doing this

Runners Up:

Quite literally slaying queen

Still looking this put together (and happy) after midnight is a talent

If you were all famous I’d run a tiktok edits page for you

I feel strangely intimidated

Wanker of the Week


You guys weren’t bullied enough as kids

Runners Up:

Most civilised Stella drinkers

WhyNot is actually just the reddit of Edinburgh clubs

You just look annoying

Hero of the Week


Don’t think you can transfer hair this way but it’s worth a shot

Runners Up:

See! being short is a good thing guys!

Me trying to flirt my way back into the club after decking it into the bouncer

Don’t know why you thought it was shit shirt night?

 Heroine of the Week


Serving up pain and regret like a queen

Runners Up:

2nd place will have to do x

Your vibes are single handedly keeping Big Cheese alive – maybe you’re actually villain of the week

Heroines for trying to teach these neanderthals how to smile – you’re getting there

WTF Moment of the Week


Why is NOBODY even batting an eye?

Runners Up:

I am so confused how is this not an AI generated picture

I feel like you’re regretting your decisions here

Don’t let us interrupt x

Unhappy Clubbers of the Week


It’s giving Javert

Runners Up:

When you remember she took the kids with her

You both look like you’re on the verge of tears

I’d be miserable too if I was part of Napier Rugby

Best of the Rest

The photographer for the Nat 5 French textbook called

Spreading the love

And these guys caught it

Petition for clubs to have face paint more often? Just not for physics students.

The chaos i would cause with one of these… nobody’s ears are safe

Rock on queen

Sport night in WhyNot is perfect for both these skills

You’re such a cutie

“Now a silly one!”

How are the photobombers the only good bit of this photo

Photographer Credits:

Tracey Largue: Big Cheese

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: Why Not Nightclub

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