What your taste in sport says about your taste in boys

Sit back and relax because I’m about to read you like a book

It’s safe to say that everyone has a sport which makes the gender they’re into even more attractive. Something about the kit just really does it for some people. Or just watching them being competitive.

But the kind of sport you like to watch definitely says something about you as a person. So here’s a completely accurate explanation of what your taste in sport says about your taste in men and no hard feelings if rugby boys are your thing it’s okay we’ve all been there. 

1. Football

You like your men as masculine as they come. The words ‘yeah I play centre mid’ is like sex put into words. You’re probably quite chilled and easily pleased. Like, if a football boy told you he nearly went pro a year ago but he hurt his knee falling down some stairs after his 6th pint, you’d probably bow down at his feet there and then.

You also have the patience of a saint because if a football boy sees a kickable object within a 2 mile radius you can bet they’ll be running up to it to kick it, even if you’re flirting with him.

2. Hockey/Lacrosse 

Skinny boys with floppy hair are your wet dream. You’re probably obsessed with Timothy Chalamet, rings, and boys with painted nails. Add them holding a hockey stick in their dainty hands and you simply can’t look away. Your taste in boys is most likely ‘the boy next door’: unproblematic, nice and cute. 

3. Rugby/cricket

The holy trinity of a taste which is, let’s face it, not the best. You’re either posh with a kink for dutty, Tory and sexist boys with a trust fund and daddy issues or are into BDSM. Or all of the above.

Chances are you put up with a lot of shit, are incredibly stubborn and like to get your own way. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to handle boys like these. At the end of the day, it’s the subtle misogyny for me x

4. Tennis

You like a relationship with balance: the boy has to be into loafers, Polo Ralph Lauren and range rovers, and you like manicures, lip gloss and Jack Wills. Apparently, you like them loud since tennis boys like to dramatically grunt when they do anything, even when they’re not holding a tennis racket.

You also like your men hands-on since every time I have had a conversation with a boy who plays tennis they just start randomly practising their swerve while I’m mid-sentence. Bit rude but okay. 

5. Swimming

There are two sides to this. You either like them tall, dark and mysterious or overly sporty, obnoxious and super competitive. Swimmers are unique because they either tend to keep their sport to themselves or it’s their entire personality because all they do is get up at 5 am every day to swim 7 miles. There is no in-between.

But you like the chase, and boys who swim tend to be quite perplexing. Also, lifeguards and wet slicked back hair are your secret kinks.

6. Polo

The sight of a boy riding a horse in itself is just beaut, let’s be honest. My flatmate even told me: “I fell in love with a guy because he played polo”. You’ve got a kink for posh boys but not to the extent of rugby.

All I know if you’ve got class, that’s for sure (congrats I wish I could relate). You like them tame but also charming and secretly mischievous because you’ve also got a hidden side to you.

7. They don’t play a sport  

They probably just sit around and smoke weed all day and their juul is charging 24/7. They may or may not be two weeks behind on work. If you like boys who don’t play a sport you probably don’t play sport either because otherwise, your lifestyles would just clash completely.

Photography credits: James Gourley

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