An Edinburgh student has been spotted plucking pheasants in a halls courtyard

The classic EdinbRAH student

The epitome of the Edinburgh ‘yah’ student was on full display at the University of Edinburgh’s Salisbury Court accommodation block this weekend when students enjoying the luxuries of their post-iso freedom were greeted by the display of a fresher plucking two recently shot pheasants.

Fourth-year Theoretical Physics student Benedict Willacy was filmed plucking and preparing his two fresh pheasants, purchased from Stockbridge Market, in full view of the surrounding flats. Footage of the plucking incident can be seen on The Edinburgh Tab Instagram story.

The Salisbury Court resident is no stranger to controversy and previously spearheaded the campaign against the EUSA’s proposed “beef ban”.  Willacy ran for head of the EUSA last year and offered to “buy steaks for all students that voted in support for him”.

He told The Tab after the plucking that the pheasant was served with “Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Sauce” and it was “worth the effort”. Pheasant, not an expected dish on the student budget, was reportedly his “cheapest” meal of the academic year so far. Costing under £2, the student argued it was not a middle-class statement, but a valuable effort to support local trade at the market in light of Covid-19.

Despite this, there have been accusations that Willacy was simply of one the many ‘rah’ students to be found on campus. Students that witnessed the event merely commented it was a “classic Edi” sight. Willacy said he was only “too glad” to display his supper, and it was important for students to know “where their food comes from”. Several students seemed to agree, with many that walked past stopping to watch.

Some freshers didn’t view it in such a positive light, with many put out by the actions going on below. Some, already restricted to their flats, felt it was uncomfortable viewing; feathers left within the courtyard and innards on the picnic bench was not a “pleasant site”.

The undergrad residents often use the inner quad as a place to socialise and smoke, one witness said she would “avoid sitting at that table ever again” following the event.

The incident made its way onto TikTok, one of many in a string of Edinburgh University-related videos that have perpetuated the ‘EdinbRAH’ stereotype. Comments on the video included “I hope he finished it with a cheeseboard” and “did he shoot them himself?”. The image of the notorious ‘yah’ has been widely criticised by other Edinburgh students and city residents. They are often found wearing flared jeans, Macbooks in hand, and popping to the Morningside Waitrose store.