Self-isolating student in Pollock Halls given nuts despite nut allergy

She was given an almond slice and pecan flapjack

An Edinburgh University student self-isolating at Pollock Halls was given nuts by the Uni despite her nut allergy.

In an Instagram post submitted to the account Pollock Prisoner, one Edinburgh student claims they “got given an almond slice when I have a nut allergy and they [the University] know.”

The post shows a food package with an almond slice and pecan flapjack despite a slip labelling the student as having a nut/peanut allergy.

This incident comes after the University gave a self-isolating Muslim student in Pollock Halls a ham sandwich and bacon crisps.

The University is also facing controversy for providing isolating Pollock students with food that “ranges from bland to downright disgusting.”

Tess, who runs Pollock Prisoner, has said the food situation at the halls is so bad she routinely has to “pick the most gross” food picture to post because she receives about 40 pictures of “clapped” food a day. She says the lack of care over dietary and religious food requirements is just “laziness.”

“I think this entire thing is just peeling back this layer of these big institutions that have really been left to just sit and rot and live in their old ways and just take people’s money.”

Students in Pollock Halls pay up to £9,000 a year for catered accommodation which includes hot food.

A University spokesperson told The Tab: ““Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our students continues to be our absolute priority. We have teams of staff working 24 hours a day to provide those who are self-isolating in our catered and self-catered residences with three meals a day – including ready-to-heat meals – in line with their dietary requirements and preferences. Essential items are also being delivered on request.

“On the few occasions when students needs have not been met, we have addressed this as quickly as we can and are working hard to improve our systems.

“We know that this is a very challenging time for our students, especially for those who are self-isolating. We are offering a range of support, including daily check-ins, pastoral care and a helpline. Our Residence Life team is also on site to offer students direct support both online and in-person.”

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