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Here are Edinburgh’s best dressed of Halloween 2019

The grand finale to the spooky season

Grab your cat ears and your body paint cause once again it's Halloween. The one time a year you can dress as a gnome, a farm animal or the entire roster of Mario Kart and have nobody on the street give you a second look.

Here are this year's selection of costumes that truly represent the best and brightest that Edinburgh has to offer and wow, do we love to see it.

There were a lot of Britneys this year, but not all of them pulled it off THIS well

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Hit me baby one more time

If your favourite character in the Wizard of Oz isn't the yellow brick road, you're doing it wrong

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Walk a mile in these Louboutins (to get after club chips)

Arachnophobia who?

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Kim Kardashian may have broken the Internet, but this broke the World Wide Web

What if you were the Psycho all along…

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Jamie Lee Curtis would be so proud

What's the coolest part of a skeleton?

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The hip.

Your friendly neighbourhood fruit bowl

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Talk about getting your five a day

Angelina Jolie wishes she looked this good

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When you've got a tomb to raid at 5 but a party at 6

Truly putting the treat in trick or treat

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Don't be salty

Pennywise who?

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LOVE Wednesdays eat your heart out

Move aside Mickey and Minnie, we have a new top Disney duo

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Dreams do come true

The dress, the boots, the glasses, the sixties are BACK BABY!

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Talk about a groovy chick

We've (wonder)landed on a winner here folks

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Tweedledum, yet fun

Make Halloween great again!

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A cultural, historical landmark, but make it fashion

Halloween makeup is truly an art form

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How does she look THAT good!?

A stuffed olive… if you know, you know

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Libby! Stop putting Angus in the fridge.

It's (hand)cuffing season

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Name a more iconic duo

Kylie Jenner wishes she had what they have

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Wonder what the mansion is like?

No map needed to find this treasure

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What a unique crossover

The new Charlie's Angels movie looks great

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She's definitely the yin to her yang

Costumes made of balloons are definitely the most practical thing you can wear in a club

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I hope she ran into the fruit bowl guys