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Feeling the chill? Here are all the best ways to blow your summer blues away

Is it dark in here or is that just my mood?

It's dark, everyone in your lectures is coughing, and you're getting into arguments with your flat mates about whether or not it's cold enough to turn the heating on. This can only mean one thing: summer is over.

The festival fun, inter-railing insanity and Fringe frenzies are now a thing of the past, all being replaced by deadlines, Freshers' flu and 9ams at King's.

Here is a list of ways in which you can avoid the inevitable fact that the Christmas exams are coming and you are so not prepared for them.

Post a throwback Instagram

Simply scroll through your camera roll to find the photo where you are at peak tanning capacity, preferably in front of some landmark that will show your fans that you have indeed been galavanting around the world all summer and had a much better time than them, and share away.

This Insta will not only transport you back to happier times, but will also remind you and your followers that the weather is capable of doing more than raining. So really, you are doing them a solid and giving them access to happiness, all whilst raking in the likes. BNOC or what?

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Cheesin' for a reason

Go clubbing

When the weather – and your mood – are at their bleakest, the one thing you can count on is a good night out in Edinburgh. Ask around – you will find friends who want to go to Rascals or Why Not. And then that one friend that wants to go to Hive because they swear it's "not that bad".

Once you step onto the dance floor, get some £1 drinks down you, and Africa by Toto comes on, it's virtually impossible to tell whether or not it's July or October.

The vibes are reminiscent of feeling free, a classic summer mood. So what are you waiting for? Message that promoter that has been hassling you forever to join their guest-list, and go!

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Why Not is always a yes

Visit the gym

The Pleasance gym boasts such a huge array of machinery and rooms that there is something for everyone – even you.

During Freshers' Week you may have walked past that Domino's pizza stand one too many times, and are now feeling that summer body shape becoming ancient history.

Going to the gym will help you keep that summer body going, whilst also allowing you to be able to wear leggings to uni that day. It's a win-win situation. Even if you only go once, that £120 membership fee was totally worth it, right?

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Going to the gym or a lecture? You'll never know

Watch some Netflix

When all else fails and you can't shake the post-summertime sadness, there is only one thing to do. Close the curtains, get cozy in bed, order some Civerinos on Deliveroo, and open up Netflix.

Because let's be honest, this was all we did during summer anyway.

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Netflix 4 lyf