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You won’t believe how pricey some of these Edinburgh flats are throughout the Fringe

£11,680 for the month, lol no thanks


Every August, when the Fringe commences, Edinburgh population doubles as the city fills with tourists, performers and artists from all across the globe.

This means only one thing; a hell of a lot of people who need to find a place to stay, and they need to find it quick. If you are performer and don't live or know anyone in Edinburgh, staying in a hotel for the entire month probably won't be a feasible option, financially.

So, it comes as no surprise to hear how the locals take advantage of the demand for accommodation. Landlords, estate agents and even students (*shh*) decide to cash in, and some people more than others really, really milk it.

You'll honestly be gobsmacked at how much some of these people are charging for their accommodation during the Fringe.

Location: Lothian Road

Size: Four bedrooms

Price: £2,920 per week (that's £11,680 for the month)

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Okay, so let's firstly talk about the sheer amount you'd have to pay to stay here for the month. Fair enough, the kitchen and the bathroom look nice, but you could literally buy the kitchen and shower suite for around the 11 grand mark.

This isn't my only qualm though. What's in the bedroom? There's a bed, so that's good. But where's the bedding? Do you really have to pay 11 grand to bring your own bedding?

It doesn't look like there's a bedside table either, nor anywhere to store your belongings underneath the bed, and they definitely aren't showing off the wardrobe that may or may not be in the corner of the room.

If you are going to be paying 11 grand for the month, or even 'just' the 2.9k for the week, you'd surely like to know exactly what you're getting.

Location: Marchmont

Size: Three bedrooms

Price: £2,597 per week (that's £10,388 for the month)

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This is another baffling one. There's definitely bedding in this flat, at least. But it's still not overly glamorous to be forking out that amount to stay there.

Also, can we please talk about that pipe that is protruding out of the kitchen table? Do we want whatever's going through that pipe near our food?

Location: South Bridge

Size: Four bedrooms

Price: £5,335 per month

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This is lovely. It's very modern and seems to be well looked after. This is off to a good start. It does seem like the worst place on earth for stubbing your toe though.

There's a slim chance that you could pay someone five grand to stub your toe every time you get out of bed, get up off the sofa, or walk towards the hob when cooking.

Location: Marchmont

Size: Four bedrooms

Price: £5,000 per month

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It's getting to the point now where we're becoming desensitised to the prices, and other things are starting to grind my gears instead.

If I had five grand to spare, I'd probably pay to stay here and be satisfied with the size of the bedroom and the bed itself. However, it'd be a nightmare when all four inhabitants attempt to us the hob at the same time. Then again, that's something I could probably live with.

What I couldn't live with though – and I think this is something that I'd never live down – is the fact that I actually paid five grand for a shower that looks as though the water would drip out of it at the same rate custard would ooze through a sieve.

Location: New Town

Size: Studio

Price: £3,600 per month

It's a studio, so you know the drill. Your bed will smell of whatever you made for tea. As will your clothes. As will you.

If you make beans, you and all of your belongings will stinks of beans.

Location: Marchmont

Size: Five bedrooms

Price: £5,580 per month

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There's a mat that looks like a lawn on the bedroom floor here. That alone is interesting taste for a landlord, but maybe that rug cost them £5,580, so I don't want to cause any offence.

Location: Dublin Street

Size: Four bedrooms

Price: £1,100 per week (that's £4,300 for the month)

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Most of your rent money will be used to pay for even more oak furniture to cram into every corner of the flat, in order to really give it the antique roadshow vibe it's currently going for.

Location: Montgomery Street

Size: One bedroom

Price: £925 per week (that's £3700 for the month)

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You might ask yourself whether £925 a week for a room in this flat is worth it, but if you take a closer look, you'll realise that you're also paying for some lovely downtime in the evening with your mother of a landlord as you sit in the lounge, fit for any family, and watch 'Along Came Polly'.