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Royal Edinburgh third year Amelia Windsor snubbed from royal wedding invite list


The royal wedding is on the horizon and a stir has been caused as a number of young royals have been left off the invite list.

Despite many of the uninvited royals having grown up with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace, they still were somehow skimmed over when the invitations were being sent out.

Amongst the list of young royals who've been missed off the list is Edinburgh third year Amelia Windsor.

A friend of the Windsor's told The Sun: "Perhaps Harry just wanted to keep the family invited to a small number or maybe he didn't want anyone upstaging the bride."

The Daily Mail highlighted that space won't be an issue on the big day, as Meghan only has two members of her family attending, which is unlikely to make a dent in the 800 capacity of St George’s Chapel.

Amelia is the granddaughter of the Queen's cousin, Prince Edward, and sits at 36th in line to the throne. She studies Modern Languages at the University of Edinburgh. Her Instagram shows off her dreamy lifestyle as a royal, dabbling as a Dolce and Gabanna model, a gap yah gal and Glasto fiend.