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Edinburgh has been ranked as one of the top five cities in the WORLD for a night out

And Glasgow didn’t make the cut


According to a recent survey by holiday website HomeToGo, Edinburgh was voted the fifth best city in the world for a night out, behind Cape Town, Warsaw, Prague and Calgary. Edinburgh was the only city in the UK to make the top 10, and ranked above Newcastle, Glasgow, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham.

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I guess Hogmanay is pretty cool

The comprehensive guide was created by taking into account the number of nightlife venues, the number of events they hold, and the reviews they receive online. Obviously the people of Trip Advisor hold Edinburgh's nightlife in higher regard than they do its university.

Surprisingly, the cost of an average night out was also taken into consideration. The researchers looked at how much it cost to enter each venue on a Saturday night, as well as the price of a shot of vodka, a pint of local beer and a gin & tonic – and Edinburgh still came fifth.

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Little did she know she was holding two of the best value drinks in the country

The only conclusion to be drawn from this? Well, that the people of HomeToGo obviously love Hive just as much as the rest of us.

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