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‘I got some free baps from Warburtons once’: We spoke to the lads behind Edinburgh’s new Northern Society

‘Pollock was bad enough’


The lads running Edinburgh's new Northern Society make for an interesting committee. President Lewis is from Rossendale, his Vice Presidents include Kingsley from Salford, and Will from Huddersfield.

Along with the Secretary James, who is from Scarborough, they're a gold mine of one liners and the exact sort of lads you'd want to bump into in the pub. 

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Edinburgh's newest boy band

The society came about as a result of a mutual friend of Kingsley and Lewis informing them of their common interest to create a Northern society. After a few months of work and jumping through all the relevant EUSA hoops, Northern Soc is very very real.

They told us: “If anything, it just shows the need for this society if two separate groups of people were considering starting it without ever having met each other.”

So we decided to pose some of the most difficult questions you can pose a Northerner to find out if they were really qualified for the so widely coveted positions they now hold.

Where is the North?

"Anywhere North of South Yorkshire and Cheshire."

"I include Stoke in that as well. You find a lot of things there pretty characteristic of the North."

Are there any plans for Sponsorship?

"We'd like to forge deals with some big Northern companies."

“If we could secure a 10 per cent discount off Greggs, a sausage roll will go back to the price is should be, 81p."

What are your immediate plans socials wise?

"We think the first thing will be a weekly pub night, starting very soon, but movie nights and even trips could be in the works."

What does a Southerner get from a visit to North Soc?

"A culture they can steal."

Top three Northern Icons?

"Andy Burnham – I think he’s a liberator, a leader of men, an emancipator.”

"Peter Kay."

"Fred Dibnah."

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As for their reasons for starting the society, the committee told us: "What we all said when we came together was 'if only we’d had this when we’d come as freshers', we would’ve felt so much more included in uni life."

You can keep up to date with what North Soc are up to on their Facebook page here.