An Edi fourth year has started a petition for the library to have higher quality loo roll

Not all heroes wear capes

There are many problems students have with the uni's main library in George Square, but this year one Edi student is taking matters into his own hands.

Fourth year Business and Finance student Andrew Nicolson has started a petition for the library to improve the standard of its toilet roll.

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The petition

Andrew told The Tab how the petition initially started out as a joke, but he now hopes genuine change will come from it.

He said: "This issue originally started out as a joke between friends, and gradually more and more students started to express their frustration and concern at the genuinely horrendous quality of the toilet paper.

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The man behind the petition

"So I decided the only way to actually initiate some change is to petition the uni and show that this is a widespread issue.

"I hope that they will take notice of the concern and upgrade the toilet rolls as soon as possible (any change is meaningful and will resonate with students). It will maybe improve their apparent low student satisfaction ratings in the process and I hope that they make the change for next semester before I graduate."

94 people have signed the petition in the 20 hours since it was made.

If you also want to sign the petition and help the library give us the loo roll we deserve, click here.