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We went Trick or Treating at Pollock Halls, and this is how it went down

“I can shit in the bag if you want me to”

We decided to take Halloween back to its roots this year, not interested in spending our night, freezing cold, stood in a long queue for an event that was probably overcrowded and overpriced.

It seemed logical to get dressed up, go back to Pollock Halls, despite us being second and third years, and see how its residents handled Trick or Treaters like ourselves.

We weren't sure how prepared people were going to be for this, or how we'd be received. It's safe to say that the responses we got, and the 'treats' we were given weren't entirely conventional.

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After being swiped in by someone in the courtyard, we were inside Chancellor's Court, raring to go. Our first stop was one of the pantries on the first floor.

It probably looked like we were just trying to get involved with the party, posing as Trick or Treaters until we were let in somewhere. When they realised that we were serious Trick or Treaters, they threw a bag of out-of-date lettuce our way, and we left peacefully.

Things were off to the start we expected.

Next we knocked on some of the rooms, keeping our ears peeled for music and any other activity going on in the rooms. Some people didn't answer, others did and closed the door on us, either being too busy or just not very fond of us. Some were delightful though, like Henry.

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Henry, who may not have been armed with candy, still found a way to deliver, giving us a few pieces of chewing gum each. Enough to see us through the night.

On we went with fresh breath, trying a few more rooms and pantries in Chancellor's. Receiving half a chocolate bourbon each, some Quality Street and an empty belVita biscuit wrapper.

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He asked if we were going to attack him

As we moved on to the next block, things began to get serious. Our luck had turned.

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This was a mad one – we actually got given a packed lunch, made by this guy's mum. She even made us a homemade wonton. We were happy to take it off his hands and appreciate his home comforts for him.

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We were smashing it at this point. Really starting to shine. We got glittered up, and really cherished the moment where we didn't have to wear our masks inside the boiling hot Chancellor's.

Being given a manky tea bag from a pantry just after this, we decided it was time for us to leave Chancellor's and never come back.

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It was time to get some air. We went outside, stopping off at the reception for a loo break, and a potential shot at some candy.

This was not well received. The security warden was furious with us, saying: "Are you joking? This a security unit, we don't have trick or treat sweeties".

We moved on briskly.

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Next was the JMCC for a stock up on beer. Unfortunately, they were unable to give us anything for free from the shop, so we settled for a bit of receipt roll, which was on the house.

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It was time to move on to some of the other houses.

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Here we received an apple each, a used face wipe which was particularly awesome, a 'Cup-a-Soup' and some sherbet lemons. We now realised that we were just saving on food shopping so we were loving life.

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We paid a quick visit to some of the RA's, and we managed to receive some Haribo and a transfer tattoo.

With a hefty accumulation of random food and 'luxury items', we then decided that it was time for us to leave with our Trick or Treat bags breaking in our hands and the lettuce going more and more out-of-date by the minute.

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All in all, it was a pretty successful night. If you're stuck for something to do next Halloween, then give it a try.