Singles of the Week: Edinburgh’s spring fresh sweethearts

Spring is here! Why not turn a new leaf and direct your attention towards some of Edinburgh’s most eligible…

Weather’s getting warmer, the grass is getting greener, deadlines are getting done – It’s a beautiful thing.

Almost as beautiful as this week’s single pringles who are most definitely ready to mingle.

Emily Karpinski, 2nd year, Geography and Social Anthropology 

What’s your middle name? Rose

Perfect date? Out for cocktails

If you were a fruit, which one would you be? A date

Drink of choice? Offer me one and I’ll tell you 😉

Favourite club? Sneaky’s

What’s your biggest wish? Unlimited sushi

What’s something that we don’t know about you? My drink of choice

Describe yourself in three words: Doesn’t share food

Sneaky’s? Sushi? Cocktails? Every Rose has its thorn but clearly, Emily Rose seems like a good time. She might not share food, but she’s more than happy to share a romantic evening with a lucky lad. Why not give her a shout and try and find out what her favourite drink is?

Harry Roth, 2nd year, German and Politics 

What’s your middle name? Jorge

Perfect date? Getting sloshed in Dog House off of Watermelon G&Ts and White Russians.

If you were a fruit which one would you be? Pineapple – firm and spiky, yet oh so juicy.

Drink of choice? Carling

Favourite club? I like my clubs like I like my women – a different one for each day of the week.

Biggest wish? Ashtrays outside Teviot ngl

Something we don’t know about you – I only have nine toes

Three words to describe you: The Renegade Master

Even though Mr. Roth seems hard to tie down he sure seems like he’d be a perfect candidate for all that weird foot stuff I know you’ve been wanting to try. So, if you’re looking to grab some fruity g&t’s and White Russians with this charming South London boy, I only have one question – are you ready to be The Renegade Mistress?

Fernanda White, 2nd year, Biology 

What’s your middle name? Clare

Perfect date? Not fussy, it’s a DATE!!

If you were a fruit which one would you be? People say I’m aPEELing, so probably a banana or an orange.

Drink of choice? Pimms. Without the lemonade, though.

Favourite club? Garibaldis. I had a pole dancing lesson specially.

Biggest wish? That after this is published, I’ll no longer be single.

Something we don’t know about you – I played the whip in the school orchestra

Three words to describe you – Drop. Dead. Gorgeous

If you’re looking for a no-frills date with a drop-dead gorgeous whip-player, then look no further. Grabbing a Pimms and then off to Garibaldis for some pole dancing? And they say romance is dead…

Olly Marsters, 2nd year, International Relations 

Don’t let him intimidate you

What’s your middle name? Noah

Perfect date? Grabbing a nice dinner and a few drinks at Paradise Palms.

If you were a fruit, which one would you be? I’m a tangerine cause I’m cute, overlooked and reliable but a tiny bit more pretentious than an orange, I’m also not festive enough to be a clementine.

Drink of choice? Buckfast

Favourite club? Boteco’s

Biggest wish? World peace

Something we don’t know about you – I write poetry

Three words to describe you – Wannabe. Level. Pretentious

Olly sure seems like he knows his citrus fruits well. Look no further than this peace-lovin, Buckfast-happy Surrey boy if you like dancing to Gasolina by Daddy Yankee and vegan food. Who knows, he might even write you a poem? Just look at those cheeks though, what a star.