PJs and VKs: I went to Prow and Opal in my pyjamas

I can be your sweet dream, or your fleece-robed nightmare

If I’m being honest with myself, I’m a lazy bitch. Odds are you’ll never see me out of bed before 11am and when it comes to dress-sense I am as unremarkable as you can get, most of the time I’ll just be wearing slightly different variations of the same outfit. Even when it comes to going out I remain painfully casual, I don’t undergo a complete transformation at night and I rarely put any effort into making sure I look my best.

In this post-ironic age of the resurgence of crocs, people getting freckles tattooed, and the Juicy Couture tracksuit revival, nothing seems to be off-limits. So, going out in pyjamas doesn’t seem that far-fetched of an idea, and plus it’s a great way to preface my quarter-life crisis. So I did it, took one for the team, championed the lazy-girl lifestyle and spent a few days clubbing in my unsexy yet extremely comfortable pyjamas.

Big Cheese, Potterrow 

It being the Big Cheese I knew that someone rocking up in their PJs wouldn’t make most people turn the other way, but it was still worth it anyways. Since pre’s were held at mine, being in my PJs made me a bit couch-stricken. When it came time to queue I had completely forgotten I was going out and was more than happy to make myself a cup of tea and call it a night.

Sleeping > the sesh

The entire time I was expecting to be overly self-conscious; but seeing as how the Big Cheese is basically a school disco that serves alcohol, I knew I was just overthinking it. As the night progressed and the VKs started kicking in, the pyjamas actually started to seem like a good tactic as they made my horrible dad-dancing seem less ridiculous by comparison.

Crop tops can get wrecked

So, what’s the final verdict? Since I already listen to ABBA drunk in my pyjamas at home, doing it in public wasn’t THAT much of a game changer.

Juju Club @ Opal 

Now we’re getting serious. The Big Cheese is one thing, I mean – surely anyone paying money to listen to someone else aux cord DJ the greatest hits of the early 2000s must not take themselves that seriously. But this was an actual club night at an actual club. Pre’s were being held in New Town – which meant that I had to leave the comfort of my own flat to get pissed, tragic. The night’s outfit was my high school seniors t-shirt and a pair of plaid bottoms.

At least i’m matching

Rocking up to Sainsbury’s to get a bottle of Basics vodka in my pyjamas at 9:30 PM was probably one of my lowest points, already this night was proving to be a bit more challenging than the last. I could only hope that my trek across the city in plaid PJ bottoms holding a bottle of vod wouldn’t be misinterpreted, but the show must go on.

What would you do if I told you we’re going to the same place tn

Already I was starting to wonder what response I would get – or if I would get any at all? Who really cares? Why am I doing this? Am I just a parody of myself? (Probably, yeah) But I was already in to0 deep, on my way to Opal in my PJs as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Other than extremely comfortable, I didn’t really know how else to feel. Every trip to the bathroom would be greeted with “Omg I wish I were you right now” and “You look so comfy” and yeah, I know I do, I’m in my fucking pyjamas- if that doesn’t mark the fact that I’ve officially started my quarter-life crisis than I don’t know what will.

I could only imagine me in first year, meticulously picking out what I would wear to WhyNot on Monday – as if anyone really cared. What would first-year me say if she saw me now? – Off my face, cutting shapes to grime in my Primark jammies. Cute.

Couldn’t bear it – had to tie up the top, sorry (Credit: James Gourlay)

So, what have we learned? Have we finally reached the breaking point? No bouncer ever questioned my motives – if they’ll let me in wearing my pyjamas then what’s next? Where do we draw the line? I spent my entire high school career in sweatpants and thought nothing of it, but yet again, I’m American. Could Edinburgh finally be ready to embrace comfort over ‘style’? I think so. It’s time to accept that shopping for jeans is horrible.

Would I recommend wearing the clothes that you wear to bed on a night out? Sure, why not. Wear whatever you want. Nothing feels better than coming back from a night out and slipping straight into bed. I guess it all depends on what stage you are in life, if you really care about how other people view you, and if you’re looking to pull.

I don’t think I’ll be clubbing in my pyjamas anytime soon, but I’d strongly encourage it if you don’t really give a fuck and want everyone to know.