The alternative reasons you might not hear for why you should become a vegetarian

No more of those boring political reasons

People keep giving those same boring political reasons. Ok, animal products are responsible for fifteen per cent of global CO2 emissions and yes, cattle farming is highly responsible for deforestation and water consumption. Global warming, cruelty to animals and intensive livestock farming, so what? Here come the real arguments:

Its the easiest way to eat more healthy

Of course veggie people eat junk food, but surveys prove that they have less cholesterol and absorb more fibre than their non-vegetarian fellows.

Too much hipster pressure

It’s hard to be a student and not to be a hipster these days. Wearing knickers and XXL jackets is not sufficient, you should also be actively committed to saving the world. Therefore, start with becoming a vegetarian.

Thrill of discovery

Let’s just say that you’re a curious person who wants to break free from a boring food routine. Becoming a vegetarian actually enables you to explore so many new food horizons: veggie haggis, cauliflower steak and Mori-Nu are waiting for you.

You don’t have friends. You want friends.

The vegetarian community is a kind of cloud cuckoo land where you can randomly talk to strangers about your passion for kale smoothies or argue about which kind of tofu is the more tasty. Those vegetarian societies’ meetings are way more efficient than tinder.

You don’t have political opinions

‘What do you think of France’s next presidential elections?’ or ‘Should Scotland be independent?’ are questions that you hate. Do not worry though. ‘I am a vegetarian’ is definitely a correct answer to any political question.

You’ve been traumatised by ‘Chicken Run’

Credit: Aardman Animations

That scene when they cut the chicken’s neck is just barbaric. Also works with ‘Angry Birds’.

Sympathy for vegetarians

If you don’t do it for yourself, then do it for others. You don’t want veggie people to feel excluded during one of your nasty barbecue party, right? So pull yourself together : Support the Veggies!

You want to join the Hollywood industry

Have you not heard ? You’d better turn veggie if you wanna get famous. Yes, all those Hollywood stars are vegetarian indeed – Leonardo Di Caprio, Jessica Chastain, Nathalie Portman, Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix, the list goes on..

Fulfil your duty as a human being

You’ve tried everything from running marathons, volunteering in humanitarian missions, joining rock bands, walking for feminism, getting theatre class, writing for The Tab, watching all those TEDtalks and even reading 50 Shades of Grey  – but you just can’t handle it. Start easy – go vegetarian.


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