Clubbers of the Week

Exams may be looming but the fun never ends

Come on people, you really should be spending more time in the library now

Stunner of the week

Runner Up

Creeper of the week  

Runner up 

Where’s that hand going?

Wanker of the week 

Runners up 

sorting out tonight’s booty call

Taking wanker of the week to a whole new level

what would your mum say?

Third wheel of the week  

Runners up

Mutant of the week  

This whole photo’s a mutant

Runners up 

Heroine of the week  

Runners up

It’s Christmaaaas

Hero of the week  

Runners up 

no pudding ’til it’s all gone love

Thank God it’s December

Album cover of the week  

Runners up

Unhappy clubber of the week  

The only thing this boy’s going home with is a 20 box of nugs

Runners up 

WTF of the week

Runners up

Best of the rest 

When you’re caught requesting Biebs

Football Manager? Yeh I completed it mate

Photo credits

Flare, Love, Tabu : Neil Stewart Photography
Hector’s House, Mansion, Temple, Broke: Ben Glasgow: BGM Scotland
Milk, The Sugar Club, Fly Club, Circus: David Wilkinson/Empirical
Broke: Elliot Gilmour Creative
Thirsty, Kono: Anna Velikova
Creme Soda: Matthew Thomas Photography

Zian: James Gourlay

Propaganda: Dominic Martin