Legen-dairy halloumi burger to return to Teviot

What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror? Hallou-mi

Today it was announced that the legen-dairy Teviot halloumi burger will be added back to the Teviot menu. The burger has been off the menu for over a year but due to popular demand, EUSA have brought it back.

The move made by EUSA VP for Services, Jenna Kelly, is part a concerted effort from EUSA to listen to students’ opinions to what food and drink should be sold. They are doing this by implementing comment cards in EUSA’s catering outlets for any suggestions students would like to make. She said: “If students tell us what they like, what they don’t like, we are happy to look into accommodating that.”

On bring back the popular halloumi burger she commented: “The halloumi burger is something that students wanted on the menu, and after a specific comment on a Facebook post of mine it became apparent how deep the desire was; so we did something about it.”

Its reintroduction is part of a wider initiative to make Teviot more accessible to vegetarians. EUSA have already brought ‘Meat Free Mondays’ to the New Amphion in Teviot.