We asked what was the most offensive Halloween costume you’ve seen or heard of

There’s still time to rethink the face paint, contacts and clown shoes

Creepy clowns, Donald Trump and Brexit may have been the scariest moments of 2016  so far, but for Halloween, the things you’ve feared become your best friends for one night only.

Always keeping ahead of the trends, we asked you what the most offensive costume ideas you had heard or seen leading up to the big night.

Daniel, Economics 

Well I was told about these suits you can put on were it appears that you’re riding an ostrich or a horse, but instead it’s just a dwarf.

Annie, Social Anthropology 

Native American, I saw a few of them out on Saturday and it seems like its the kind of thing that should have stopped by now.

Beth, Philosophy 


At a house party a few years back I saw a guy dressed as Jimmy Saville. You know like the big cigar, grey hair, disgusting tracksuit? It was right during the inquest as well.

Nick, Bartender and Blacksmith 

It’s got to be Prince Harry and his Nazi uniform , I mean William did it right dressing as a lion, But not a Nazi, never a Nazi Harry.

Becca, Politics and Ellie, Economics 

There was a fully committed gimp at the Three Sisters on Saturday, like with a mask and chain straight from Pulp Fiction.

Tom, French and Spanish

Kim Kardashian during her robbery, I thought going as her would be scary enough but clearly not.

Creativity is never short in Edinburgh, you can bet that some of these costumes will be making their topical appearance on the catwalk that is Cowgate later this evening. If so, you know who to call.