Ada Wells resigns as EUSA’s LGBT+ officer

Ada’s announcement post detailed regular abuse and death threats

Edinburgh’s controversial LGBT+ officer Ada Wells has today resigned from the role.

A source has told The Tab that Ada was leant on to step down from their role after the University and the police have been receiving so many complaints. It was heavily insinuated to Ada that they should resign. The source says that this was the organisation trying to be kind, as if the ongoing investigation had continued it would have led to a public dismissal.

Ada made the decision after revealing in a Facebook post that they receive a deluge of abuse including death threats every day. The post explains: “I have received a combination of death threats and anon[ymous] hate, misgendering, indecent and graphic images and other kinds of abuse every single day – on all my social media from right wing extremist groups and individuals.

“This had such a negative affect on my health that I was hospitalised last month following an overdose”.

Since elected to the EUSA position earlier this year, Ada has been caught up in a number of controversies.

Wells was elected and was immediately embroiled in scandal after it came out that they had made an anti-semitic remark on Twitter. Last week Wells also came under fire for tweeting “I sure hope more police die today”.

Ada, who is trans and prefers to be called “they”, labelled women with vaginas as “cuntscum”, has also called women who refuse to have sex with gender-neutral people with a penis – like Ada – transphobes, and has advocated for them to be expelled from the University of Edinburgh.

Ada also tried to get Imogen Wilson, a former EUSA sabbatical officer, thrown out of a student council meeting for shaking her head.

There is ongoing investigation into Ada’s conduct as an ordinary student. The anonymous source says that the organisation most likely let Ada know how difficult it was for them to be receiving daily complaints about them.

Ada’s statement concludes with: “I care a lot about all of you and I care about the things I was elected to do, such as making trans people a more signficasnt part of our liberation group and organising a significant TDOR event.

“I will do my best to work with EUSA and my replacement to ensure at least some of these things get done.”

The EUSA was contacted for comment.