We talked to a second year who doesn’t believe in the moon-landings

She’s completely normal and not crazy

DISCLAIMER: I do not have that much prior knowledge of the moon-landings and do not claim to be an expert on the matter. All of my questions are based on research that I have done from the internet so there may be inaccuracies in my questions. I am sorry if that is so.

Meet Sophia, the seemingly normal second year with a lesser known secret: she is a conspiracy theorist.

It all started for her when she studied the Space Race in year 9 history. That’s when she started to believe in conspiracy theories.

I had always thought that conspiracy theorists lived in some backwater town in the mid-west in the US.

Hark, for I was wrong. Apparently there is a mistrust of the government all around and in seemingly institutionalised establishments:

What do you actually think happened in the moon landings?

I think that the US government took photos of people dressed up as astronauts on a film set, and then showed fake footage of a spaceship taking off.

According to Sophia this was all done on a film set

Why don’t you believe it?

It seems to me that it is too convenient considering the Cold War context. Apparently only the US ever ‘succeeded’ in sending people to the moon, and no one have been since 1972. Why is this?

Do you consider yourself a conspiracy theorist?

No, I consider myself a purveyor of truth.

How would you explain the lunar rocks that were brought back from the moon?

Fake. Made in a lab.

Why do you think that the governments would lie?

Because at the time (1969), the US and the USSR were competing in the Space Race. They both trying to prove that they were the superior world power – the USSR had successfully landed some objects on the moon, and so naturally the US government would have wanted to appear like they were winning.

This kind of thing isn’t unheard of – the USSR famously flew the same 10 bomber planes around in circles at an aviation day in 1955 to make it look like they had a massive fleet.

What’s to say the US wouldn’t take it a step further?


How would you explain the images of the moon landing site where there are tracks left there and other left over equipment?

All staged. If you examine the photos, you’ll see that the flag flies in the wind – but there’s no wind on the moon. There are no stars in the background of the photos. The astronaut’s shadows don’t match up with the position of the sun. Also, if Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, who took the photos of him getting off the spaceship?

Why do you think people are so sceptical of conspiracy theorists?

Because they’ve been brainwashed by the government.


How do you feel about other space projects such as the international space station?

I’m undecided about the international space station. I guess that it is probably real.

How would you explain when people send laser pulses to the moon to reflect off the mirrors that were set up and the lasers come back?

And I don’t dispute that we’ve sent ships to the moon – just that humans have landed on it. It’s entirely plausible that we sent some ships there which deposited mirrors there.

Then again, it would be really easy to fake some lasers returning to earth.

But I do reckon the mirror things are really there.

This is all fake apparently

In terms of the lack of stars: the lack of stars could be because of the very fast shutter speed necessary to take pictures of highly reflective objects and therefore due to the lack of time available for the light to reach the camera lens they would not show up. How would you explain the lack of stars?

Yuri Gagarin, the first human to travel in outer space in 1961, commented that the stars seen from his Vostok spacecraft were “bright and clear cut.”

They would have shown up even with a high shutter speed.

What else do you believe isn’t real?

I think people pretend to like spicy food to impress people – who actually likes that feeling of your mouth being on fire???

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The truth is out there.