Edinburgh student creates grade calculator app

It may be crunch time but at least you’ll know if you’re failing

A fourth year Software Engineering student has created an app which allows you to see what you need to get in your exams.

Sam Davies, a Software Engineering student in his final year at The University of Edinburgh has created a grade calculating web app.

Once you’ve signed up, you can put in your past results to see your progress and what you need to get your desired grade (or just a pass for the first years among us). Since its creation yesterday the app has gained 450 users, and Sam plans to expand on it further by allowing students to share crowd sourced past paper solutions on the website.

Try Sam’s calculator here

From what began as procrastination far beyond the realms of watching ‘Angry ram chases farmer down road’ videos on YouTube, Sam’s web app was created.

“I began by writing a simple python script out of curiosity. I wanted to know where my current coursework grades left me in terms of the score I needed in the exam. Revision week started and I spent it procrastinating by turning the script into a web app that everybody could use”.

As exams draw ever closer, online grade calculators are cropping up all over the web. The Tab only recently published its very own programme, softening the blows of those particularly shit exams.