Meet the Edinburgh third year who is 10th in the country at Fantasy Football

He doesn’t even like football

Jordan Bisset, an Edinburgh Business and Finance third year is 10th in Scotland and 353th in the world.

“I’ve been playing for 6 years, so since I was fifteen. Last year I was pretty mediocre, I finished in the top 20,000 or so.”

“I suppose my degree helps with fantasy football, being good at maths helps.”

His favourite team?

“I don’t really support a team. I don’t even like football. I like to look at football results, but I don’t watch it.”

“I used to be a big fan but I am not really anymore.”

So why does he play fantasy football?

“I am just quite competitive. When other people and my friends are playing I want to beat them.”

Could he get any money from it?

“This year is the first year I’ve played for money. I have a league from my internship last year, where there is £300 on the line.”

“I knew that there was a pretty good chance of me winning, and now I’m over 100 points clear of second place.”

Although he is doing well in the leagues, the cup didn’t go so well.

“I got to Gameweek 21 in the cup, which is pretty shit.”

This late in the season it’s unlikely any of us will reach Jordan’s level, but he has given us some tips:

“I would dedicate half an hour a week to it and look at the statistics. I use Fantasy Football Scout which has some stats. I just look at that really.”

“I played my wildcards really early this season, and it seems to have worked.”

“Also, you should have used your triple captain this week, because a lot of teams are playing twice.”

His player to watch for the rest of the season?

“I like Payet, I’ll put him back in my team next week.”

And finally, is it all just down to luck?

“I don’t believe in luck, it’s all skill.”