Streetstyle: Spring Edition

Here comes the sun

Everything is flourishing outside, and you can finally dress up like Ann Hathaway’s character in “Devil Wears Prada” or wear your favourite Nike+ Riccardo Tischi sneakers (the brand and the designer are now  working together on the impressive sports clothing collection NikeLab x RT)  without fearing that they might get ruined by the flood outside your house.

However, warmth and bloom don’t  mean that you can’t wear Edinburgh’s beloved baggy and oversized jackets, because both Vetements and Prada showed that they could look perfectly stylish in spring too. Also,in spring you can easily pull off  clothes from a charity shop, because a 60s flower print maxi skirt is always on point.

To sum up,  it is finally getting bright outside, and we’ve been missing some colours there.

The gals:

Tiffany, 4th Year, PaintingTiffany 4th year Painting

Eleanor, 4th year, Fine ArtEleanor 4th year Fine Art

Tabitha, Tutor, Fashion DesignTabitha Tutor Fashion Design

Avni, 2nd year, Politics and Social PolicyAvni 2nd Year Politics and Social Policy

The guys:

Sebastian, 1st year, BiotechnologySebastian 1st year Biotechnology

Luqman, 1st year, Chemistry12894407_1047855568606767_677895894_o

Fusi, 4th year, International RelationsFusi 4th Year International Relations

Robbie, 2nd year, LawRobbie 2nd Year Law