Edinburgh’s maddest fresher: Round 1

Eat sleep rave repeat

The time has come – the earliest opportunity for those keen, keen freshers, eager to establish themselves as BNOCs, to take up the mantle of greatness.

Have they got what it takes?

It’s up to you…

Lorcan Bailie

The medic, the Irishman, the legend.

Lorcan’s room in halls is empty bar a few medical books since he spends all his time clubbing. Never one to say no to a night out, you can always rely on Lorcan to be your wingman for the night. No other fresher can live up to the rep this boy has. He knows everyone.

Luke Barrell

The self-proclaimed “Clubbing representative of John Burnett”, Luke regularly ribs his mates for them not being able to keep up with his antics.

He never misses Flare Mondays, Hector’s House on a Tuesday, Creme Soda on a Wednesday or a messy Bongos on a Friday. He often sleeps in until 12 before he even decides to move.

As part of the boxing club, you often find him randomly in some sweaty corner of Hive in a vest covered in alcohol when you could have sworn he said that he was not going out tonight. 

Rohanie Campbell-Thakoordin

Rohanie was sick in her best mate’s sink on the day she met her.

Rohanie broke her ankle and tore a ligament after a tripping on a beer bottle.

Rohanie once bought 12 litres of milk because she thought it was a bargain despite being lactose intolerant.

Rohanie is mad.

Jack Robinson

The young lad is known as Baby Fresh to the Men’s Hockey Club. In his fresher year he has been regularly thrown out of Potterow after numerous attempts at fighting his seniors, as well as regularly spewing on unexpecting innocent girls in Malones.

Recently, he turned the ripe age of 18 and is slowly building the foundations for BNOC status at Edinburgh uni.