Edinburgh research says health and intelligence are linked

Edinburgh has all the science

People’s health and intelligence are linked to the same genes, according to new research undertaken at the University of Edinburgh.

The research suggests that the more intelligent someone is, the more healthy they are, fuelling the nature versus nurture debate.

However, the research also suggests that the genes influencing understanding, thinking, learning, and memory lead to a greater risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Pizza doesn’t count as being healthy or clever


“This study tests whether genes that are linked to mental abilities and educational attainment are also genes that are related to some disorders,” Dr. Stuart Ritchie of Edinburgh University said, as reported by Telegraph.

“We found that there are many overlaps: to take one example, genes related to being taller are also related to obtaining a college or university degree.”

It turns out that maybe all those hours at the CSE won’t help you to get a first.

Don’t worry, your grades are out of your hands