Edinburgh awarded £3 million grant to carry out cutting edge physics research

The funding will help us settle “unfinished business” with the universe


The University of Edinburgh has been awarded £3 million by the UK Government’s Science and Technology Facilities Council towards global scientific projects over the next four years.

The £3 million fund is part of the larger £72 million which is has been distributed to 17 of the UK’s top scientific universities.

The UK has some of the world leaders of particle researchers which will contribute towards understanding more on how the universe works.

KB is rolling in it

According to a spokesperson from the council, Edinburgh has been nominated to help with the “unfinished business with understanding the universe”.

The grant will assist Edinburgh’s researchers in major particle physics experiments at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), neutrino beams in Japan as well as projects on the Lux-Zeplin experiment in South Dakota.

Edinburgh University professor, Franz Muheim, responded by calling the grant “excellent news”.