Look at all the weird stuff we found at the Edinburgh Christmas market

Some novel gift ideas

Just realised that you haven’t bought a single Christmas present? Here are five unique objects on sale at the Christmas markets to give you the inspiration that you need this festive season.

Kim Kardashian Wine Bottle holder

If seeing the infamous backside photo all over your social media newsfeeds wasn’t enough for you, you can now buy this chic little number and herald back to the good old days of 2k14. The perfect centre piece for any family home, this attractive wooden wine bottle holder will make the perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas.


the very image of the woman herself

DIY Snow

Never mind the toxins pumped into these little flakes, you can now create your very own winter wonderland in the comfort of your own home! All it takes is a dash of warm water and you’ve got your very own avalanche. If that wasn’t incentive enough, the stall owner has pretty good chat too- she bloody loves a good snow spell.  Even if you’re not there to buy, take a moment to frolic in the polymer powder.





Wooden toadstool with chimney

With an ambiguous purpose, this little oddity will make the perfect gift for that friend who’s a little bit alternative and a little bit quirky. Potentially an incense burner, potentially a fairy house, it’s the unknown which makes this toadstool so magical.

Look closely for the smoky wisp

Look closely for the smoky wisp

Chocolate everyday objects

Do you have a craving to eat your kitchen tap? Or a horse shoe? Fear not, the Christmas markets have got your back. Spray painted with edible paint to the perfect bronze or silvery hue, this is chocolate with a twist.

If you’re looking for that extra stocking filler, or are simply friends with a plumber, blacksmith or decorator then look no further.

Fancy a screw?

Just look at that selection

Easter Island-esque glasses holder

Channelling the spirit of the Pacific, these glasses holders have an air of the monolithic about them. Feeling in need of a companion on a chilly winter’s eve?

Whip a pair of specs on this bad boy and you’ve got a humanoid face to chat to, albeit quite a disconcerting one.

'Go on, tell me your problems x'

‘Go on, tell me your problems x’