University buildings: The fame behind the names

No one wants their name attached to Appleton tower really

To us these buildings are just our daily ball and chain.

But most are actually named after fairly relevant people.

Appleton Tower


Named After: Sir Edward Appleton

Occupation: Physicist

Famous For: Wining a Nobel Prize

Building Famous For: Being hideous

 Dugald Stewart Building


Named After: Dugald Stewart

Occupation: Scottish Philosopher and Mathematician

Famous For: Popularizing the Scottish Enlightenment

Building Famous For: Not being ancient

 Hugh Robson Building


Named After: Sir Hugh Norwood Robson

Occupation: Principal of Edinburgh University

Famous For: Being the Principal

Building Famous For: Being a bomb shelter during World War II and contemporary 24 hour student hell

 David Hume Tower


Named After: David Hume

Occupation: Scottish historian, philosopher, economist, diplomat and essayist

Famous For: His radical philosophical empiricism and scepticism

Building Famous For: Incredibly slow elevators

 Adam House


Named After: Robert Adam

Occupation: Architect

Famous For: Designing the Building

Building Famous For: Having exams

 Minto House


Named After: Gilbert Elliot Lord Minto

Occupation: Lord

Famous For: Being a Lord

Building Famous For: Being difficult to spot

 Bedlam Theater


Named After: The city’s first mental hospital

Famous For: Its brilliant student plays

 Chrystal Macmillan Building


Named After: Chrystal Macmillan

Occupation: Scottish Liberal politician, barrister, feminist and pacifist

Famous For: Being the first female science graduate from the University of Edinburgh and Math. The first woman to plead a case before the House of Lords

Building Famous For: Being a maze

 Potterrow Student Centre/ Potterrow Mandela Centre


Named After: Medieval Suburbs Outside the town walls/ Nelson Mandela

Occupation: Revolutionary

Famous For: Demolished and redeveloped by the University/ Anti-apartheid movement

Building Famous For: The Big Cheese

 McEwan Hall


Named After: William McEwan

Occupation: Brewer and politician

Famous For: Funding the construction of McEwan hall

Building Famous For: Not graduating students this year