EUSA fingers strawpedoers for queue mayhem

We <3 strawpedos

big cheese strawpedo

EUSA has slammed those involved in last Saturday’s queue mayhem at the Big Cheese.

Tasha Boardman, EUSA’s Vice President Services, suggested the rush of people was instigated by a so-called midnight protest, supposedly against the ban on strawpedos.

Writing on her blog, Boardman said: “It is unclear whether the behaviours witnessed in the queue are linked to the midnight protest, which we believe was going to take place in response to the ban on drinking games.

“If this proves to be true, it is extremely disappointing some individuals believe the importance of ‘strawpedo-ing’ trumps the risk of people being injured.”

The crush last weekend

The crush last weekend

big cheese queue

The blog post reaffirms EUSA’s commitment to people’s safety and enjoyment at the Big Cheese.

It said: “Put simply, aside from law and legislation, EUSA’s continuing work is to ensure people’s experience of the Big Cheese is safe.

“This incident is subject to an ongoing investigation.”