Campus Style: Pollock Halls

Chancellors is taking over

You’re all as predictable as expected.

Stereotypes exist for a reason, as your clothing choices so blatantly prove.

With far too many fur-lined jackets on display around the JMCC anyone would be forgiven for thinking there’s been a Chancellors take over.

Then again, we could spend all day making fun of the Chancellor dress sense.

But then we wouldn’t have time to mock the John Burnett students, and the fact that Grantanamo Bay residents attempt to deny their inmate status with thinly veiled preppy-ness

Turner House

Bea (History of Art) and Phoebe (Arabic and Chinese)

Jordan, Business

Sasha, History

Grant House

Tanis, Chemical Engineering

Ewing House

Rachel, French and Philosophy

Hugh, Architecture

Chancellors Court

Jazzy and Michelle, Architecture

Dion, Electronics and Social Engineering
Luca, Computer Science
Hawk, Mechanical Engineering

Holland House

Danny, Arabic

Ben, English Literature

Vet Med students:
Tarika, John Burnett
Camille, Lee House
Georgia, Turner House