Lecture ratings according to Yik Yak

The 9ams don’t get a great review

Nice to see you’re all paying attention… to Yick Yack.

In between moans of Napier bashing, sexual frustration in the library and essay deadlines, Edinburgh students have managed to excel themselves in sending out some pretty strong opinions on their lecturers.


Whilst the yakking fuss over the allusive ‘Hiro’ seems to have died down, it appears that Jacek Gondzio has filled the void for Engineering and Chemistry students across the city.

One first year recounts her lecture on Simultaneous Equations and Matrices as ‘inspiring’ thanks to his helpful advice on vectors and how you should use ‘three fingers…’ whatever that means.

So not only do STEM students win out in terms of job prospects, but it seems they also have dancing lecturers.

Strong bant

He even got a standing ovation.


 No, you aren’t the only one who has no clue what SLS is.

If only

Hell apparently. Or Scottish Legal System or something, where half the challenge of the course is not yawning:


Big love for this lady


Video footage anyone?

The best of the rest

Edinburgh is home to some pretty inspiring educators


Moral of the story: unless you’ve got Jacek, go back to your Netflix.