Hundreds subjected to freezing conditions in lecture halls

‘It’s inhumane’

As winter approaches, students are slapped with bitter temperatures INSIDE lecture theatres, tutorial rooms and other university buildings across the campus.

The Swann lecture theatre, one of the largest halls at the King’s Buildings campus, is known for being “absolutely freezing” during the winter months.

One biology student even said: “The temperatures are inhumane.”

And the lack of body heat doesn't help either

And the lack of body heat doesn’t help either

No radiators on and a constant breeze of cold air conditioning means dressing like Inuits and having your hands too numb to write.

Is "Arctic chic" a thing?

Is “Arctic chic” a thing?

The icy temperatures have also been reported in Buccleuch tutorial rooms with one student swearing they could see their own breath.

Places of teaching aren’t the only to be hit.

The Pleasance Theatre is not so pleasant after all, with air conditioning remaining on, despite students’ protest.

After the £12million spent on regenerating a new, low emission central heating system across the university in the last decade, we wonder: “Why’s it so cold?”