They’ve Dun us: Edinburgh slips in league tables while Dundee comes top for satisfaction

What is going on? Edinburgh pushed out of top 20 as Dundee become the best Scottish uni for ‘quality of life’

The official university rankings are out –  and Edinburgh has come in even worse than last year.

We’ve plummeted from 18th to 21st in the UK as part of Complete University Guide’s 2015 tables.

And if that wasn’t shameful enough, Dundee have pipped us to the post to be named the best uni for student satisfaction in Scotland.

The CUG rankings are based on multiple factors: Research assessment, entry standards, graduate prospects, and student satisfaction are all taken into account. Edinburgh scores highly in every field except student satisfaction. We rank 21st overall, 10th in research assessment, 25th in graduate prospects, and 10th in entry standards.

And Dundee have only gone and done us in the Times Higher Education rankings, where we embarrassingly come in at 122nd (2nd to last!) in student satisfaction. Awkward. They’ve somehow managed scoop the title of best uni for student satisfaction in Scotland, coming in at joint 4th with Oxford overall.

Edinburgh managed to score a glorious 47th in the THE rankings. Even St. Andy’s couldn’t beat Dundee off, coming in at 23rd place. Scumdee no longer it seems.


The Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey looks at quality of life, rather than academic results and research.

The survey looks at the quality of things like: staff and lectures, student union and community, social life and extracurricular opportunities, and support and facilities. Well, seems ours aren’t living up to our expectations. Or it was just a bunch of nerds who filled in the survey.

Teviot not living up to our expectations?

Edinburgh’s second uni, Heriot-Watt, who came 33rd overall, managed to beat us at satisfaction and graduate prospects. So despite being ‘officially’ a worse University, students are happier and are more likely to find a job. Maybe we should lay off making fun of them for we while then.

We did beat Glasgow however who came in 30th. Not sure if that’s a consolation or not.

Apparently we don’t love the library.

The humiliation doesn’t stop there. We have been beaten in A LOT of categories by most of our Scottish rivals in the Complete University rankings. Arch-nemesis, St. Andrew’s, were (unsurprisingly) the top Scottish uni, coming in 4th overall, beaten only by Cambridge, Oxford, and LSE. Edinburgh only beat them on research assessment, spending on facilities, and our ‘green score’.

Oh the horror of the broken lifts!